Home automation

Does the idea of a connected home appeal to you? From now on, do not worry about your windows and lighting. With Prelude, you will be able to manage your home remotely. In addition to this management, Prelude offers you the possibility of automating your home. Do you have a solar cover? In case of rain, it will be able to go up without any action on your part, for example.

  • Shutters, doors and gates

    No more cluttering up with manual management of your openings. Prelude allows you to automatically close your shutters, awnings and pergolas in case of rain, high winds or bright direct sunlight. It is also possible to remotely manage the opening of your doors, gates and driveways. Stay safe thanks to the detection of a window opening but also glass breakage.

  • Lighting

    Manage your lighting as you see fit. Rearrange the switches, increase the light in the morning and dim it in the evening, create different lighting ambiances according to your activities and dissuade any intrusion with a presence simulation. You will be able to create different atmospheres, with dimmed light and a musical background if you want to relax, or a party atmosphere with colored LEDs and intense music for an evening on the dancefloor.

  • Controlled power sockets.

    Controlled electrical outlets give you the possibility to control your electrical appliances remotely. Connected to your smartphone or tablet, you can turn your device on or off whenever you want. Our expertise brings you better control of your day-to-day power consumption and a more comfortable interior.

  • Green spaces

    Home automation does not stop at home. The connected garden allows you to minimise repetitive chores, ideal to better enjoy your exterior. And thanks to its fully customizable operation, whether it has rained or the ground is dry, the height of the grass you want and the frequency of watering, you will be able to manage this all, even when you are not home.
    Unlike a conventional watering system, Prelude allows you to optimize the amount of water used according to the weather. Manage your watering system from your home or remotely using your smartphone.

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