Resources and Energy

Take control of your energy consumption through intelligent management of your facilities, resources, and heating. Prelude offers you the opportunity to think differently about your consumption to fully participate in the energy transition.

  • Energetic management

    Keep an eye on your electricity, water, and gas consumption. Prelude will allow you to visualize and understand your energy expenses thanks to sensors and meters that are judiciously placed. You will be able to take control of your expenditure.

  • Heating

    Finely control the temperature of each room in the house with your Home Automation system. Your switches work as temperature sensors and all your radiators or floor heating zones are controlled by an electric valve. Visualize your house in 3D and select the desired temperature in each part of the house. Finally, define the time programming of each zone independently.

  • Ventilation

    Visualize and control your ventilation system thanks to Prelude. Generate alerts and program automation by measuring the humidity in the bathroom or the CO2 in the office. Quality ventilation is an asset when a fire starts, it is possible to manage the smoke and allow everyone to go out without being overcome by the smoke, and to help to stop the oxygen supply to the fire and thus contain it.

  • Air conditioning

    Just as Home Automation helps regulate heating, it also helps cooling and interacts with air conditioners to achieve optimal temperatures. When connected to the heating, the units do not operate at the same time in the same room. With Prelude, you will avoid having appliances and remote controls for every room in your home.

  • Swimming pool

    Prelude offers you to make the management of your pool simple and efficient. Control, program and coordinate tasks related to water treatment, heating or pool opening.

  • Sauna and hammam

    Make your home more comfortable by controlling your sauna and hammam. Prelude offers you the ability to preheat them from anywhere in your home or from outside. Choose the lighting and music you want and the temperature of your appliances according to your desires.

  • Domestics resources

    With Prelude, it is possible to measure the quantity of your rainwater, oil, and gas as well as to be notified when reserves are low. Monitor and analyze your fluid expenses. Be notified when leaks occur and shut off valves remotely from your smartphone.

  • Photovoltaic and solar thermal panels

    Prelude helps you to consume the production of your panels at the best time. Program your devices during the day, even when you are absent, and consume your energy independently of the electricity network.

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