End your family day with your favorite film, beautifully presented by your home cinema installation. Watch your favorite series from your living room and finish it in your kitchen while you prepare the meal. Prelude studies your expectations and offers to manage your multimedia entirely. You will gain freedom and enjoy a custom installation that you can operate from your smartphone or tablet. Our only limit is your imagination. Discover our different services below:

  • Sound system

    Enjoy your favorite music throughout your home with a multi-room audio system. Enjoy a musical wake-up call and enjoy your favorite music from the bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom. Unleash the musical passion of your family members, everyone will be able to listen to their own music library, the radio, or an audio book in their personal space. With Bluetooth connectivity and a good sound system, there is no need for headphones or speakers, your building is connected.

  • Home cinema

    Have you ever dreamt of having your own movie theater? Prelude studies and realizes the acoustic of your room in order to equip your home cinema. The possibility of extending your broadcast to other rooms will ensure a maximum user experience.

  • Video distribution

    The video distribution will allow you to watch your favorite movie in the living room and finish it in your bedroom. Several family members will be able to enjoy the same movie from different rooms.

  • Mulitmedia storage

    Create a media library where you can store your private data, photos, and videos. You will access it from your home on a tablet, computer, TV, and from anywhere on your smartphone.

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