Maintenance and services

Prelude offers maintenance and support solutions for your installations. We are committed to working with you in a sustainable and innovative way to enhance the value of your assets and optimize and master your technology.

  • Multimedia

    Enjoy a better and better experience by diving into the Audio Visual world. The world of technology is evolving at a dizzying pace. Keeping these facilities up to date will allow you to live magical moments as the years go by.

  • Home automation

    Everything evolves very quickly! Take advantage of the new functionalities by opting for our maintenance service and keep your installation up to date. Our service will allow your installation to remain at the cutting edge of technology and take advantage of new features.

  • Resources and energies

    Prelude studies the Energy aspect and sends you the results of annual analyses, on building trends and with comparison to similar buildings. This will allow you to make good choices between changes in energy suppliers’ tariffs, the energy consumption of the main consumers, production of solar hot water or photovoltaic electricity, storage in batteries, etc…

  • Networks

    More and more devices are using Wi-Fi and the Internet to enhance your user experience. Prelude combines ease of use and computer security over time so you can enjoy your devices without any unpleasant surprises.

  • Security

    You have invested in your security and made the right choice! With its official approvals, Prelude offers to maintain your system in order to stay in line with legal requirements and to intervene urgently in case of problems. In addition, we will keep you informed of updates and provide you with the latest security advice.

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