Feel safe in your home ! Monitor your home remotely. Protect yourself from fires. Discover our different techniques below :

  • Alarm

    Thanks to an optimal coverage of sensors adapted to all situations, you will feel safe at home. Your system will alert you in case of a breach and you will be able to manage your intrusion detection remotely.

  • Fire

    The installation and verification of your fire detection systems are of the greatest importance. Prelude studies your home and offers customized service for increased protection in case of fire.

  • Camera

    Thanks to a state-of-the-art video surveillance system, protect your whole property and your family. This system turns on as soon as it detects movement and adapts to nightfall to continue recording quality images. It can be used to view entrances to your home, garden, or adjoining buildings such as garages or your office.

  • Connected locks

    Forget having a bunch of keys. Automate access to your entrances with badges, remote controls, codes, or fingerprints. You can also open your gate or door from a smartphone. You no longer need to take time off to receive a delivery or give access for a repair.

  • Home maintenance

    Keep your loved ones in their home with the latest technology solutions. Assure them maximum autonomy despite illness or old age. Also increase the security of residents thanks to various home automation functions such as alarm, telecommunication or emergency call.

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