Before applying for a job, you need to question your own desires and your own values.

Prelude’s mission is to « unleash the potential ». This is the mantra that resounds in everyone’s head every morning and is embedded in the daily actions of the workers. Living the mission of one’s company is crucial to enjoying it and to be fulfilled professionally. It is not a phrase without foundation. The mission can also be defined by what it is not. At Prelude the mission is not to « work for fun » or « achieve excellence » or « produce a more resilient world». However, each of these phrases could be seen as a consequence of our primary mission.

Thus, the values that drive Prelude are freedom, cooperation, integrity, agility, and diversity. Note that freedom is lived at Prelude within a system of defined and accepted constraints. This is why team rules are established democratically. Contrary to the saying that freedom ends where others’ freedom begins, at Prelude, freedom really exists thanks to the norms defined with others (and not by the other).

If, after reading this, you feel that your uniqueness resonates with Prelude, go ahead and apply, we’ll be happy to go a long way together. If, on the other hand, what guides your life is different, if you feel that what drives you is something else. Then don’t waste your time. Many other employers are looking for people like you.

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