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Why choose Prelude?
<li>Training sessions enhanced with real-life situations and practical cases given by experts</li>
<li>Learning paths designed by professionals</li>
<li>Enhance your skills with official Prelude and KNX certifications</li>
<li>Improving your programming has never been more accessible with training vouchers available</li>
  • Customized training
    You want to develop your business or your system engineering teams and require customized training: Prelude adapts to all your demands. From learning a specific programming language to site management. Or understanding a generalist approach in specialist control techniques, we share all our knowledge and know-how with you. Contact us to tell us about your project.
  • Official KNX training centre
    Are you looking to communicate different technologies in the field of construction and specialist control techniques? KNX is the best answer. Prelude, winner of a KNX Award, is one of only 2 official private KNX training centres in Wallonia. With the latest generation of test equipment, you develop your skills through practice and improve your career and sales by being certified as a KNX Basic, KNX Advanced, KNX Tutor or KNX HVAC Specialist.
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Prelude, le partenaire des professionnels des techniques spéciales
  • Approche technologique innovante
  • Intégration multi-techniques
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