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Why choose Prelude?

  • Training sessions enhanced with real-life situations and practical cases given by experts
  • Learning paths designed by professionals
  • Enhance your skills with official Prelude and KNX certifications
  • Improving your programming has never been more accessible with training vouchers available
  • Customized training

    You want to develop your business or your system engineering teams and require customized training: Prelude adapts to all your demands. From learning a specific programming language to site management. Or understanding a generalist approach in specialist control techniques, we share all our knowledge and know-how with you.

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  • Official KNX training centre

    Are you looking to communicate different technologies in the field of construction and specialist control techniques? KNX is the best answer.

    Prelude, winner of a KNX Award, is one of only 2 official private KNX training centers in Wallonia. With the latest generation of test equipment, you develop your skills through practice and improve your career and sales by being certified as a KNX Basic, KNX Advanced, KNX Tutor, or KNX HVAC Specialist.

  • Smart Building design training for estimators

    Prepare your employees for the specific skills of the smart building. Prelude trains you in the analysis of your customers’ needs, in the production of innovative technology offers, and the design of adapted quotes. Thanks to the intervention of our field experts enjoy a unique learning experience. Discover our offer in our 9 areas of expertise: smart building, video door entry system, video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, and fire detection, multimedia (AV systems), HVAC, and KNX standard.

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Prelude, the partner of professionals in special techniques
  • Innovative technology approach
  • Multi-technical integration
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