Facility services

Prelude offers maintenance and support solutions for your installations. We are committed to working with you in a sustainable and innovative way to enhance the value of your business, optimize and allow you to master your technology.

  • Multimedia

    Prelude’s high-precision and high-fidelity systems offer an outstanding user experience. In order to meet this over time, we will offer updates and upgrades in a spirit of continuous improvement.

  • Building automation

    The versatility provided by the automation implemented allows the building to live and adapt to the changing needs of its users. Prelude offers you the opportunity to take advantage of this versatility by accompanying you throughout the building’s yearly cycle to meet these needs and optimize user comfort.

  • HVAC

    Managing the temperature of a building is not within everyone’s reach. Between user complaints, optimization of the energy bill, and predictive detection of breakdowns, time losses are great. With Prelude, our preventive analyses of the behavior of the installation and users will help you move towards well-controlled energy use.

  • Information and Communication Technology

    Thanks to Prelude, your system will always be secure and up to date. IT risks are omnipresent, so it is necessary to maintain the level of security implemented at the time of implementation. Beyond this essential aspect, we support you in the management of the network architecture, the IT equipment and the management of the proper functioning of the active IT devices.

  • Safety and security

    Prelude want to partner with you and ensure the continued safety and security of your building. Beyond the mandatory and legal maintenance to which the systems are subject, we will be at your side to study the long-term improvements to be made over the life of the building and react immediately to any malicious act.

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