Smart Engineering

Prelude offers you the opportunity to entrust us with the design of the technologies present in your building thanks to its Smart Building project study center.

Being in constant contact with the various players in the construction industry and their bold and innovative approach, our engineers analyze your project as a whole, propose solutions that you might not have thought of, and evaluate the technical choices in environmental approach, sustainable development, and future flexibility.

Make the term smart building a reality in your project and contact our team.

  • Global strategy

    Our teams are at your service to design your project using a Smart approach. Prelude can guide you in the choice of automation systems to be implemented, keeping in mind the need to control and monitor the systems in the building. We will also design your maintenance strategy together. All of our designs include compliance with current standards. An interoperable and sustainable building, that’s what we aim for !

  • Assistance to contracting owner

    Prelude proactively coordinates the various trades to ensure the proper implementation of the building techniques by promoting synergies between the players. Throughout your project, Prelude is committed to transparency and information sharing to benefit from all the good ideas that each participant can bring.

  • Tests and diagnostics

    Whether during design or after construction, our teams are at your disposal to carry out various tests and diagnostics of your installations such as:

    • Illumination et lightning incidence
    • Acoustic treatment of rooms
    • Analysis of all types of systems installed in a building (see above)
  • Sizing and prescriptions

    For each of the Prelude services, our experts advise you in sizing the right solution for your building and specifying the products that will fulfill the required functions.

    Our area of expertise covers all of the following systems:

    • Safety system (fire, public address and evacuation)
    • Security systems (access control, video door phone, intrusion, CCTV)
    • Software and telecom system (WiFi and mobile networks, computer racks)
    • IP telephony system
    • Building automation system
    • Cash register management, customer flow management and public address system
    • Support systems for people with special needs
    • HVAC system

    Multimedia system (sound system, video conferencing, meeting rooms, dynamic display, screens & projectors)

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  • Innovative technology approach
  • Multi-technical integration
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