With varied and professional experience in the multimedia field, Prelude will carry out your project. From the complete study to commissioning, we will help you define your needs and propose a solution that will perfectly meet your expectations.

  • Sound system

    Installing a sound system adapted to your building will allow you to broadcast background music and internal messages. We have developed a real know-how in building sound systems and in the art of broadcasting announcements, recorded or not, to your staff or building users.

  • Audiovisual

    Audio Visual is an integral part of our daily life. In the service of advertising, information, security, culture, or entertainment, any organization that wants to communicate effectively must have an adequate Audio Visual system. Prelude offers the most up-to-date products with the simplest operational use.

  • Meeting room management

    Improve your meeting room management with Prelude. Our expertise helps you avoid interruption of your meetings, double bookings, and room confusion. You will be able to eliminate ghost meetings or obsolete reservations and thus optimize your room occupancy rate. We are able to set up a reservation platform that automatically conveys to the tenant a code, or a valid QR code, giving access to the room during the reservation period.

  • Dynamic display and signage

    As an essential communication tool, digital signage displays allow you to broadcast information, in the form of multimedia content, on screens or projections in various locations and simultaneously. With Prelude, you will be able to manage everything from a central point or remotely and choose from a variety of frameworks to present the information on the screens.

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