Frequently asked questions

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Are you located in Liège ?
Our headquarter is located in Liege, we have two operational offices in Petange and Versailles. For Belgium, we have active members in the Walloon region and in Brussels.
Can we call on Prelude for a project study ?
Prelude studies your project and its design in several stages :
  • We define your needs together.
  • Accordingly, we contact your architect.
  • We choose the most suitable material.
  • We provide you with a functional and comprehensible description of your system in a personalized specification.
  • We implement the equipment on the architect's plans and make the electrical wiring plans.
Do my client and I receive a file with all the programming done at the end of the job ?
Yes, it is in accordance with one of our main values which is freedom.
Do you grant an as built file ?
Prelude produces and delivers all the documents containing the site data.
Do you offer a guard service ?
Prelude is always available, we respond within three minutes,
Do you operate with the standards ?
Yes, Prelude works mainly with standards.
Do you provide one-line wiring diagrams and electrical layout drawings?
This is an optional service.
What are the approvals, authorizations and diplomas of Prelude ?

We are certified by many partner companies in the different areas of expertise, either for the company or the workers in the field.

Our approvals, authorizations, and diplomas in:

  • safety and security are INCERT, Ministry of the Interior, Genetec, Axis, Télévic, and BOSEC;
  • automation are KNX, Expert Bticino, EcoXpert at Schneider, Solution Partner Siemens, BEG and Zennio;
  • HVAC are EcoExpert Schneider and Solution Partner Siemens; multimedia is Control4;
  • software and telecom is Cisco;
and for training, we take advantage of Forem's Training Vouchers. We are one of the 8 KNX training centers in Belgium, testifying to our skills, both extensive and specialized in the various special building techniques.
What does Prelude do ?

Discover our services !

What is Prelude’s expertise in KNX?

For more than 10 years, Prelude has been working with the KNX protocol. Being an approved training center and official partner, Prelude is the Belgian company with the broadest expertise in the field with, in its team, 7 tutors and 14 advanced.

What is Prelude’s supervision ?
Supply of schematic drawings, supply of a summary table for the installation and wiring, supply of a layout plan of the equipment to be installed, site visits, wiring audit, start-up tests ...
What successes and Awards has Prelude achieved ?
Prelude won the KNX AWARD 2018 by integrating a private villa with a huge amount of functionality based on the international KNX standard. Virtually every conceivable technical installation in the villa can be controlled and supervised via KNX. In this project, components and systems from 13 different manufacturers work in perfect harmony.  
Where is your catchment area ?
Prelude has offices in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. We work on international projects.
Why did Prelude choose to be BOSEC certified?

This certification guarantees the reliability and quality of our fire prevention services. The label not only covers the conformity of the equipment with the standards in force but also attests to the quality of the installation service.