Software and telecom

With a long history of experience, Prelude are able to fully manage your computer networks. The experience acquired during many projects enables us to deploy your networks, increase your coverage and secure your data while maintaining ease of access and with easy to use management tools.

  • IP video telephony

    Thanks to Prelude, your IP videophone allows you to receive a call from an external point to internal points but also to a smartphone. We offer you the possibility of connecting all phones in order to create call cascades and time scheduling. With the IP videophone, you will be able to identify who is at the entrance of your building and choose whether or not to give them access. Furthermore, a high-end video intercom system allows you to partition access to buildings and secure the path of visitors.

  • IP Telephony

    Prelude is able to take care of your internal and external telephone system as well as a multitude of features such as queue management, multi-level call cascades, multiple choices, call redirections of all types, and transfers to mobiles.

  • IT installation

    The installation of your new network infrastructure or your Wifi network will be seamless with Prelude. We offer to manage your network by combining flexibility of use and IT security. We also manage the backup of your data on our servers and/or on yours, easily, for better security.

  • Cash register management software

    Rely on our simple and customized solutions for all your point of sale collections. Thanks to our expertise, you will be able to access your information from anywhere, use the reports in an optimal way in your accounting tools and integrate everything with the other requirements of your establishment. In addition, we will help you facilitate the management of multiple sites to make your life simpler.

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